Jhezanuel & Kristian Married at La Concha Resort in Puerto Rico

Jhezanuel & Kristian where married on the 10th of july at the beautiful hotel La Concha Resort at the Indigo Salon and with Yaska Crespo as their planner the day ran smoothly, I really love when I work with awesome planners. The bride reserved a beatiful room overlooking the ocean that had some yummy light for me. The bride was the epidemy of calm when I saw her, as if this was simply a moment she had been waiting for all her life and she was content in it. The ceremony was held at a beautiful church in Guaynabo, surrounded by all their family and friends, some of which where past clients of mine so it was an awesome experience to get to see them again and see how their lives had been moving on. Kristian was super excited, you could see it through his smile that he was anxious to see his bride and when he did, well I can say his eyes lighted up the church. He held her hand and smiled all through the ceremony, even snuck a few word to her ear which made her smile in return. The wedding was much more than a wedding, I would say it was a family reunion of sorts. Jhezanuel’s Venezuelan family came to witness the event and man…they can party! From the moment the music started everyone was jumping up and down and dancing like pros. I could say that dance floor was packed! It was a great event and I am so lucky I get to spend some time with people like these two. Guys I wish you happiness & love always!

Reception: La Concha Resort

Coordination: Yaska M. Crespo Rivera

Decoration: Lecumberri

Here is the Bride & Groom with one of my Bride & Groom from last year Annabelle & Jorge


4 responses to “Jhezanuel & Kristian Married at La Concha Resort in Puerto Rico

  1. Vannesa quedaron bellas no puedo parar de verlas estan demasiados hermosas las veo una y otra, otra vez!! jajaja me fascina!!

    • Vanessa: Quedaron hermosas !!!!! Para mi es un placer haber compartido y mucho mejor trabajado con una profesional como tu. Gracias por tu amor a lo que haces, esa es la diferencia. Recomendada 100% Bendiciones

  2. Hey there!
    I just stumbled across your blog through Jasmine’s FB Page and just had to tell you your work is unbelievably amazing. Weddings are a dream of mine but have just started out with portraits. Can’t wait to see more of your work! I’ve bookmarked your blog! πŸ™‚


    • Oh Maxine! You made my night, thank you so much for such great words. I bet you’ll do great once you start weddings, you have some beautiful portraits on your site. It’s all about heart and I know you have it πŸ˜‰ xoxo

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