Sometimes there’s moments in life, I don’t know, simple but life changing moments when you feel your life shift and move in a new space in time. About a month ago I had one of these moments when I attended the Jasmine Star Workshop in California. I sat in a beautiful decorated room at The Club at Woodbury, surrounded by some of the most beautiful, unique and talented women I’ve ever met and we all sat looking upon Jasmine Star and I felt like I had to take it all in because this moment was timeless and once in a lifetime. My family kept asking me, the weekend before I left to California, who it was that I was taking a workshop with and to most of them J* meant nothing but to me? Well it meant I got to meet the most influential female photographer in the world…to me. To me…yes that was the point, maybe my family or my friends had no idea who this amazing person was but I did and that was the reason I was so freaking nervous sitting in my chair looking at this simple girl with a big smile and yes…a lot of Puerto Rican in her, because when she got riled up you could see it through her flesh, she was a Latina and  big time, and funny enough one of my thoughts was…wow…I wonder what JD does when she gets mad, because I would run…Yes that crossed my mind! Because really my husband would do the same every time I get mad..he know not to mess with me. So at that point I realized there was no reason to get scared because like she said when she started “I’m an open book…there isn’t anything I won’t answer” and that was completlely and totally true, she didn’t hold back anything and with that she gave me the best gift of all…understanding. As the hours passed I felt more and more at ease and as the days passed after that I realized that even though I loved “our” and my husband’s photography business…it wasn’t what I wanted because I treated it as my husband’s business because I wanted too. I wasn’t represented in it, it wasn’t MY brand and this is the most important thing I got out of this workshop, the power of discovering MY BRAND and ME in it.

When I told my husband this I was scared…I mean, I was sort off about to tell him.. I quit…but because I have such a wonderful husband he said…that’s awesome…and then he said…can I work for you?..jajaja…yeah! that was that. So here I am totally and horrifically scared but so happy that I am here…at this place where I get to say what I want and shoot with a new mindset. So thank you Jasmine for the inspiration and for simply giving me the push to do this.


4 responses to “Newness…

  1. I love you.
    I’m proud of you.
    You have an amazing husband.
    And you better be scared of me mad! 😉 JUST KIDDING! I don’t bite…….hard.


    • Totalmente de acuerdo contigo, J* es la mejor. Que bueno que pudiste ir al workshop, yo estoy todavía en las de buscar mas “income” para poder invertir en algo tan importante como eso. Espero que le hayas sacado mucho provecho al workshop, y por lo que veo, si lo hiciste.


      Omar R

      • Gracias Omar 😉 realmente fue una experiencia bella y “life changing”. No me arrepiento de la inversion, en ese momento parecio grande pero luego el costo se quedo chico al lado de la ganancia 😉 entre a tu blog 😉 me gustaron mucho las fotos de carmen y victor, especialmente el shot de patron. Creo que tienes un estilo distinto de lo que ves por ahi y eso siempre es bueno, diferenciarte de los demas. Mis recomendanciones son que siempre mires mas alla de lo que crees puedas hacer porque lo que te imaginas lo puedes alcanzar. Recuerda no es tener el mejor equipo es tener las mayores ganas. Te deseo mucho exito 😉

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